Want to start a website or blog of your own? I know it’s like a complete out-of-mind idea for newbies who don’t know how to make.

For the last 10 years, I am involved in making blogs and websites. Meanwhile, I have heard many complain during these years from others. Like domain getting stolen or website getting hacked or website breaks now and also website taking too much time to load.

The main reason for all these is lack of knowledge while selecting your service providers which you select when you make your website.

How to Make a Website and Blog in a Right Way

So here I am sharing the comprehensive guide on How to Make a Website and Blog without any technical knowledge.

I am sharing an easy to follow steps below. Still, if you need any help, we have an expert team who can help you in setting up your website and blog for free.

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Why you need a website or blog?

Before getting into more details lets first check few reasons why you can start your website or blog.

  • Showcase your work – It can be photography or writing hobby or any of your creative work.
  • Business websites – Share your products globally and get more clients who are searching for that.
  • Blogging – Sharing your knowledge and skills with others.
  • Travel Blogging – Sharing details on various locations that you travel. Or might be your hometown.
  • Earn Money – If you want to earn money through blogging or starting your own online business like a website making one.

What do you need to start a Website or blog?

You need 3 things:

  • A Domain (that will be your website name like abc.com)
  • A website host (Where your website files will be stored and accessed from)
  • 45 minutes of spare time.

That’s it. And your website will be live and accessible by the public.

Here are the steps to start a website:

Step 1: Pick up a Domain Name

How much a domain can cost? For .com extension charges will be somewhere near 10-12 dollars (say 800 rupees). But not more then 15Dollars. For other extensions, it varies extension to extension.

Places from where you can book your domain name:

  1. ResellerClub (What I Recommend)
    1. Indian user click here (payment in rupees)
    2. Global user click here (payment in dollars)
  2. Namecheap.com
  3. GoDaddy.com

Step 2: Picking up a hosting package

How much a hosting plan can cost? The cost of hosting depends mainly on the space and infrastructure you use. It varies from $35-$3500 as per your requirement and can go many folds further based on the need.

Make sure not to take a wrong plan and pay for what you don’t need.

Everything costly is not good always, and everything cheaper is not bad always. So, develop your knowledge of all technical things and buy the best package which has a combination of the best price and best infrastructure which you will need for your website.

Few places from where you can book your hosting space, make sure to double-check that package details are as per your need.

  1. ResellerClub (For Beginners)
    1. Indian user click here (payment in rupees)
    2. Global user click here (payment in dollars)
  2. Bluehost (For Pro Users)

Step 3: Install your platform

If you have sound knowledge of coding and developing your website through HTML or PHP or such languages, then you are ready to go.

But if you want to use CMS Platform like WordPress, you need to install that.

I recommend word press – because WordPress powers 34% of the internet in 2019.

Step 4: Install the theme of your choices

Though they provide a startup theme, you can change that to one of your choices from free alternatives to premium and professional themes.

Step 5: Adding Content

Finally, when your website is ready, you need to add the content of your choice. And this can be updated with time.

I hope through this article I have helped in starting your own website. I Will share more detailed content in upcoming posts.

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