10 Tips to Avoid and Recover from Shadowban

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  1. About Instagram Shadowban
  2. How to find if you’re Shadowban
  3. Few Tips to Avoid the Shadowban
  4. How to remove Instagram Shadowban

Everyone is complaining about reduced engagement and followers on Instagram to algorithm updates. And Instagram Shadowban and blah blah blah….. Believe it or not, Instagram is doing a pretty good job recently of cleaning up their platform!

Why Instagram implemented Shadowban?

Once upon a time, there were lots of fake accounts on Instagram. Who used to flood-up hashtags with their pornographic images and Spam comments. You might have seen that before few months. And also got lots of likes and follows for “comment n likes for sale” sort of comments. All are gone now, and it’s thanks to this big Instagram Algorithm update!

But in this strict policy, few genuine accounts are getting messed-up. And so it’s our duty to pass from that filter and show that we are genuine human being and our account is genuine.

So in this article, we will learn what is Instagram Shadowban exactly. What you need to do to avoid/recover from that.

What is Instagram Shadowban?

The term “SHADOWBAN” has been around since 2006 when Twitter used it for the first time. Twitter had announced that they are filtering out abusive tweets on its platform. By applying a sort of temporary “time-out” on users who broke their terms of service. But they used to inform their users about it.

But on Instagram, when a shadowban gets implemented user is not informed. They hide your Instagram posts from users who don’t follow you. Which can be an obstacle to growing your account and getting more followers. Because those who don’t follow you will not be able to see your posts on hashtags. And all your Instagram hashtag and such strategies fail.

How to find out if you’re a target of Instagram’s Shadowban?

The best way to find out if you’re Shadowbanned is to check if your posts appear in hashtag searches. To do this, create a new post on Instagram and include 2-3 unpopular hashtags in the caption. And other 2-3 unpopular hashtags in the first comment. Then check if your post is visible from that account from someone else account who don’t follow you.

Instagram Shadowban Tester

Instagram Shadowban Tester

** Do not rely on the Instagram Shadowban Tester websites.**

They are not 100% reliable. In fact, many people have reported that they saw Shadowbanned notice over there. But, their account was not shadowbanned actually.

Few Tips to Avoid the Shadowban

  1. Stop using banned or broken hashtags
  2. Stop using automated software/apps or buying followers
  3. Avoid big activity bumps in your Instagram activity
  4. Using the same hashtags for months on end
  5. Make sure not to get reported by other users.

1. Stop using banned or broken hashtags

With millions of active monthly users on Instagram. It’s difficult for Instagram to control what people share and what hashtags they use. Lots of times, many innocent hashtags becomes invaded by fake and bot accounts. By using the inappropriate content.

Using one of these banned hashtags could make the post become undiscoverable. And we assume we are ‘Shadowbanned’. Sometimes leaving these tags in older posts can cause this issue. And removing them from older posts could also help.

Look through your hashtags and make sure that none of them is “banned”. To do this, search for the hashtag on Instagram. And if only the top posts section appears and nothing else, that hashtag could be a reason. Sometimes Instagram will even leave a short message on a hashtag page. Mentioned that posts have been hidden for not meeting the community guidelines. Like below image shown below.

Banned Hashtag Preview

Banned Hashtag Preview

Recently there have been over 60,000 such banned hashtags.

Few of such banned hashtags are:
#dogsofinstagram #boho #costumes #tanlines #humpday #tgif #brain #saltwater #petitie #curvy #singlelife #thebaligroom #elevator #astreetphoto #books #meme #newyears #todayimwearing #snapchat #skype #sallyhansen #shesquats #pushups #easter #curvy #kindredparents #dedicationstudio #hairychest #ineedhelplol

If any of the hashtags you use were banned, make sure to stop using them! They could be preventing your posts from appearing on any of the hashtags you use!

2. Stop using automated software/apps or buying followers

Using an Instagram scheduler that posts your photos to Instagram. Or any sort of automated activity like getting likes or comments or follow. OR Have you ever used a bot before? Like automatic likes or such tasks. Even if you signed up for a bot service years ago, they could be still linked to your account.
(Note: In Jan 2018, they gave permission to post images through API for the business account).

To find out, log into Instagram on your desktop computer. And check if any of them are still connected to your account. Navigate to your feed by clicking the “user” icon in the top right-hand corner. Then click “Edit Profile” and select “Authorized Applications”. From there, you can check for any applications that look suspicious.

How would they know?

One minute account gets logged-in from Singapore (through IP address of automation service). And next minute you’re using your phone in Mumbai with another IP address. This straight away looks suspicious and alerts Instagram.

3. Avoid big activity bumps in your Instagram activity

If you weren’t aware, there are limits on how many photos you can like, comments you can leave. And also accounts you can follow or unfollow. But, everyone’s limits are different!

In a normal case, try not to exceed 150-200 likes, 60 comments, and 60 follows or unfollows per hour!

4. Using the same hashtags for months on end

For some users using the same set of hashtags have been the cause of shadowban. If you’re using the same hashtags for extended periods of time. Instagram might think you’re being a little spammy. So keep your hashtags fresh and keep rotating them. Its advisable to have some 10-20 different combination sets. And use them with time instead of same one every time.

5. Make sure not to get reported by other users

Always try to avoid getting reported by another user. Because on the check if they verify that you are at fault and actually violated their terms of service. They may disable banned account, or shadowban you.

How to remove Instagram Shadowban?

There are no fixed official rules or guidelines by Instagram. But have to work on trial and error basis. Though the good news is that shadowban don’t appear to be permanent. And most users tend to get theirs lifted within 2-3 weeks.

  1. Switch from a business account to a personal account
  2. Take a short break from Instagram
  3. Report your shadowban to Instagram
  4. Revoke API permissions
  5. Avoid growth hacks and engagement groups

1. Switch from a business account to a personal account

It ’s not the actual solution. But some Instagrammers have reported, that switching from a business account to a personal account helped them. And their Instagram shadowban got lifted.

There is a reason behind this that it might work. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, they’ve tried to monetize their platform. And that’s done by limiting the reach and engagement of business accounts. Through that wants you to buy ads on Instagram. So by switching from a business account to a personal account might recover you from that.

2. Take a short break from Instagram

Some users have said that taking 2-3 days off of Instagram has helped them. And their Shadowban got lifted. If you decide to take a break, avoid posting, commenting, and even logging into the app!

After your 2-3 day break, you can start engaging with the Instagram community again. Like you used to do before. But make sure to engage with them again by caution and engage like you are being watched by the app.

3. Report your Shadowban to Instagram

Reporting your shadowban to Instagram is definitely worth.

Use the native “Report a Problem” option within the Instagram app. To do this, navigate to your Instagram profile and select the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, scroll down and select “Report a Problem.” A pop-up should appear with a few options. Select “Something Isn’t Working,” and write a short message that describes the issue.

4. Revoke API permissions

Have you signed up for a follower tracker app and gave them your login credentials? That could be the reason for shadowban. So log onto your account and make sure that no other applications have access to your account. Additionally, if you have used any automation services in the past. Change your password to cut off the automation service.

Detail to revoke permission shared before above

5. Avoid growth hacks and engagement groups

Using 60 hashtags in your comment and caption? Are you following and unfollowing people by tracking them with a tracker app? Joined up with an engagement group that promises to like each other’s photos? Stop Them All. These hacks may work in most cases. But, when you get shadow banned, these things are not helpful and might harm you.


If you’re using Instagram in a genuine way, and not using any automated services. Like for masses of activity of following and unfollow or automated likes. And also check your hashtags, there will be almost negligible chance of Shadowban.

Although algorithm of Instagram keeps on changing. And placing new traps each day to stop foul practices on Instagram. So situation keeps changing every day. So keep your activity on Instagram genuine.

We know that Instagram changes their algorithm with time. And engagement rate keeps changing from time to time. Which might drop and grow each time.
So don’t get panic straight away, if it falls. And understand that now engagement is the only way of growing your account in a genuine way.