In this article, we will learn how the web works when you visit a website on your browser using either your computer or mobile.

We will understand the actual background process which undergoes before presenting the webpage on your screen, within a few seconds or sometimes even milliseconds.

Clients and servers – A simple way

In technical terms, the device through which we try to open website is called client (like our mobile or PC). And the place from where all content is available (website files are stored) is called server.

A simplified diagram of how they interact might look like this:

Actual Fact

Above system is what most of us think. But it’s not the actual way.

A bit more complex things are involved in this process. Let’s understand that in details.

1. Device and Browser

First, you use a browser (like Chrome, Firefox, internet-explorer) from your internet-connected device (mobile or pc). and type in the website name first (like It’s a saved name of the IP address of the actual server. Like we save numbers in form of the name in our contacts and use that name to dial-up the number.

2. DNS Query

The browser goes to the DNS server and finds the actual IP address of the server where your website is hosted. Here comes the use of Domain and why we need a domain.

3. SSL Handshake

Once IP detail is received it checks whether the connection is SSL secured or not (the green icon which you see before website name). If yes it checks whether the complete connection is secured and no one is in between to steal your information.

4. Server Connection

Now the browser connects to the server through provided IP address and asks for the copy of the webpage. The server sends “200 OK” request saying the page you want is available over there.

5. Send the details

Once connected the browser send the details of webpage need.

6. Wait

Now the server assembles the content of your webpage, meanwhile, the browser waits.

7. Receive

Once done, the server starts sending them in parts like the page, style-sheets, java-scripts, images and more one by one.

Services what we need as a website owner

  • Being a website owner or developer you need the Domain first (your website name).
  • DNS (Domain Name Server), mostly available free with each domain registration and hosting too.
  • Web Hosting – A server in the technical term, the actual place or hard drive where your files are stored.
  • And few more optional advanced things like CDN as per your requirement

Hope this post has cleared the technical concept of how website connection works. In the next post, we will learn on Domain in more details.

If you have any query on this article then you can ask in comments below.